From their backyard 
to yours.

Pan Hellenic is a wholesale produce company at the legendary Hunts Point Market in the Bronx, NY.  Serving the restaurant and food service industry with a full line of fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables.  


We partner with some of the most recognizable brands in the fruit industry. From citrus to pineapples, these labels are the best in the business!



As the weather changes throughout the year, we are sourcing vegetables from around North America to always be in season.

Available Products

Fresh & Frozen

Pan Hellenic meets your flexibility needs by offering the deepest lineup of frozen items in the Hunts Point Market.

Available products

We can help your business feel like a bowl of cherries. Let’s talk!

We understand your desire for the freshest products. We want you to be successful. We can help your business flourish by managing the produce end of things so you can spend your time elsewhere. Our strong relationships with local farmers and growers around the country allow us to procure the fruits and vegetables you need. 

To help get products from around the globe, our import program helps us find and deliver special products year-round.  If there’s an item we don’t have, we’ll help you find it.


Our climate-controlled environments allow us to maintain each product at its ideal temperature. 


Our specially designed state-of-the-art inventory system insures we have proper rotation and traceability of our stock at all times.


Supporting all of our retailers is important to us. Your needs matter. We are here to listen and provide top-notch service for your needs and issues. Our expanding fleet of trucks will get your veggies to your store or warehouse when you want them. 


Hunts Point Market

From locally farmed fruits and vegetables to international specialties, Hunts Point offers a fresh array of produce to meet all our customers’ needs. Our expert staff is here to serve the neighborhood shop owner stocking their shelves for the cuisines of their community, the restaurateur looking for exciting seasonal options, and the big-chain buyer sourcing kitchen staples that will reach thousands of homes.


The Market offers thousands of varieties of fruits and vegetables—conventional and organic, specialty and cuisine-specific


The Market sources produce from 49 states and 55 countries


Deep produce knowledge and expertise spanning generations


The Market supplies 60 percent of the produce for New York City


The Market provides fruits and vegetables to 23,000 restaurants


The Market works with more than 2,500 greengrocers

Our Partners

Below is a list of some of our partners.